The Management of Industrias Moreo, S.A. located in Zaragoza and devoted to the design, manufacture and marketing of solid handling facilities, is proposed with its Quality System:

  • To create value for its customers by attending to their needs.
  • To comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the safety of our products and customers.
  • To gather and incorporate to its services the expectations of its clients.
  • To be reliable suppliers for its customers.
  • Carry out the integral design for the development of safe and reliable products.
  • To work for continuous improvement in all areas, with the culture of Zero Defects.
  • To manufacture with advanced technologies.
  • To improve relations of all kinds with its customers, suppliers and employees.
  • To create communication channels that allow agile relations with customers and suppliers.
  • Identify the processes by assigning them to people with the appropriate competence, equipped with the authority to carry out their activities.
  • Manage each of the internal activities as a global process to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Commit all the company's personnel to the company's objectives and to continuous improvement.
  • To commit its personnel to the achievement of the objectives of the quality of the products and/or services provided by the company.
  • To ensure that the Quality Policy is understood and applied over time by all levels of the IMSA organization, the following measures will be adopted:
    • All members of the company will be informed of the existence of the Quality Management System by means of the dissemination of the Quality Manual and accompanying documents.
    • Training courses will be given to all personnel in technical matters and in all those related to Quality.
    • The means to fulfil the requirements set out in the Quality Management System will be provided.


 V. Pérez

The admninistrador